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My Music and DJ Style

I play current chart and party music with lots of crowd interaction on the microphone. At most events I play a variety of genres and eras to suite the crowd. I can however do theme nights of just dance, rock/indie, old-skool or cheese.  I also manually beat mix for electronic genres.


DJ Equipment
This is a list of the DJ products I currently use and recommend after many years of trial and error with a variety of equipment from budget lines to the most expensive products.


Denon HD2500
A Compact twin Hard-Drive player. It has all the functions and responsiveness of most high-end flatbed CD players and I manage to store all the music I require for most commercial gigs on it’s internal hard-drive. I spent many years working off CD and a brief period working off laptop using Serato, but I have found the HD2500 by far the most stable way to play back recorded media and the most flexible form of track location and loading.


AKG K77 Headphones
Retailing at around £45GBP this is classed as a budget product although in my opinion the sound quality is in line with much more extravagantly priced offerings from brands like Technics, Sennheiser, Pioneer and Sony. The best feature of these headphones from a DJs perspective is that they are connected by a flexible bar with no moving parts avoiding those embarrassing tangling and folding up moments when you are trying to hold your headphones with one hand.

AKG K77 Headphones


Sennheiser E835S Microphone
Retailing at around £120GBP the 835 is at the top end of Sennheiser’s Evolution series and provides crystal clear vocal reproduction. A feature I really like on this product is the magnetic switch that is patented to Sennheiser, it can never wear out as it has no physical connections and it is totally silent when switching on and off. I also carry a budget Eagle G158C microphone. As well as being a spare I find it useful in situations where feedback is an issue, normally due to close proximity of speakers or performing in confined areas such as alcoves or under low ceilings. The cheaper Eagle microphone is not quite as sensitive and prone to feedbeck as the Sennheiser, but still quite clear and audible.

E835S Mic



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